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ZipHop : Reliance General Personal Accident Cover
To insure its riders against any untoward incident during the period of the booking, ZipHop has tied up with Reliance General to cover all its riders (the person in whose name the vehicle is booked) under a personal accident policy.


Rs. 1 lacs Personal Accident cover in case of Death or Permanent Disability

In case of an accident, medical expenses incurred during Hospitalization for In-patient Care on the written medical advice of a Medical Practitioner for the medically necessary treatment of the Insured person the the policy covers up to 20% of the sum insured i.e. Rs 20000 or 40% of compensation paid in settlement of a valid claim whichever is less.


Only users registered with ZipHop are eligible for the insurance cover. In case of multiple bookings under one name, all the riders will have to register with ZipHop and their registered email IDs to be shared at along with the Booking ID

Terms and Conditions
  • Age restricted between 18 years -70 years.
  • Any Passenger (App using passengers) who have successfully booked two wheeler ride through App. A unique id will be created for such travellers.
  • Any Passenger who is in the two wheeler vehicle, but not booked through the app, would not be covered under this policy.
  • Every person would be having a unique id and only such person who has booked using his unique id (self) will be covered with no extension to any co-passengers travelling or any other passengers using unique id of other passengers and travelling without such passenger whose unique id has been used.
  • Discrepancy of unique id and actual traveller – policy will be considered void-ab- initio
  • If there are any co-passengers they will be covered individually with separate Sum Insured and premium as is applicable to such passenger based on his unique id and successful App usage.
Specific Exclusions
  • Warranted that no rider is involved in any hazardous activity or manual labour.
  • While engaged in aviation, or whilst mounting or dismounting from or traveling in any aircraft. (Not applicable for fare Paying Passengers)
  • Participation in any kind of motor speed contest
  • Professional sports team in respect of specific benefit for inability to perform
  • Underground mining & contractor specializing in tunneling
  • Naval, military or air force personnel
  • Radioactivity, Nuclear risks, ionizing radiation
  • Drivers are excluded from the policy
  • Suicide, attempt to Suicide or intentionally self- inflicted injury, sexually transmitted conditions, mental disorder, anxiety, stress or depression.
  • Perils of the sea are excluded from the scope of the policy.
  • Being under influence of drugs, alcohol, or other intoxication or hallucinogens
  • Participation in actual or attempted felony, riot, civil commotion, crime misdemeanour.
  • Committing any breach of law of land with criminal intent.
  • Death or disablement resulting from Pregnancy or childbirth
  • Offshore activities & related risks are out of the scope policy.
  • Any loss sustained while performing or participating in any of the following occupations or events shall not be covered - Working in mines, explosives, electrical installations on high tension electric lines, racing, circus personnel, skiing, mountaineering, hunting, gliding, river rafting, winter sports, ice hockey, polo and occupations of similar hazard
Claim Process
  • At the time of claim, unique id along with Master policy no should be shared
  • Claim documentation will include confirmation on such Unique identity of the person and credentials of claimant i.e. name, contact number, date/time of usage and trip details in case of any unfortunate event of accidental death along with.
  • Claim documentation will include identity proof of such person
  • Claim proceeds shall be given to the nominee / family / legal heir of the deceased person
  • The claim liability of insurer shall be restricted to the per life sum insured which is being booked first and incepted irrespective of no. of rides booked through Ziphop app after the inception of before ending of the first policy booked.
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